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lunch menu


Hong Kong Style Wonton $5.00
Pork and shrimp with shiitake mushrooms, scallions and red onion

Malaysian Spicy Chicken and Coconut $7.00
With cellophane noodles, coconut broth, snow peas and mushrooms

Asparagus Crab Meat $8.00
Egg drop soup with fresh crab meat, asparagus and sweet corn

Thai Tom Yum Seafood $7.00
Spicy hout and sour tom yum soup with manila claims, diced shrimp and scallops

Indonesian Soto Ayam $6.00
Shredded chicken , mixed vegetables, cellophane noodles and kaffir lime


Angmo Chicken Wings $7.50
Crispy wings with spicy sweet soy sauce

Gyozo $6.50
Pan fried pork dumplings

Chicken or Beef Satay $7.00
Served with peanut sauce

Crab Rangoon $8.00
Folded wonton filled with crab meat and cream cheese

Thai Calamari $8.00
Wok-fried calamari with tamarind garlic sauce

Bamboo Steamed Dim Sum $8.00
Assorted Dim Sum including Shiu Mai, Vegetable and Shrimp

Pepper Glazed Quail $11.00
Char grilled and served with edamame and sweet corn sauté

Malaysian Curried Chicken Pot Stickers $7.00
Served with a light curry sauce

Chicken Sung $10.00
Minced chicken wok tossed with jicama, pine nuts and cilantro served in soothing lettuce wraps

Vietnamese Spring Rolls $7.00
Bite size vegetable spring rolls with hot and sour plum sauce

Traditional Barbeque Spare Ribs $7.00
Grilled pork ribs made from the old world recipe


Herbed Steamed Sea Bass $16.00
With ginger and scallions

General Tso’s Chicken or Shrimp $11.00
Diced dark meat chicken with hot peppers in a spicy brown sauce (shrimp $3.00 additional)

Thai Lamb with Basil $14.00
Wok fried sliced lamb with scallions, shallots and thai basil

Chicken or Shrimp with Crispy Spinach $12.00
In a brown sauce with garlic and hot peppers (shrimp $3.00 additional)

Stewed Beef with flat noodles $13.00
Braised flank steak with stewed vegetables

Sweet & Sour Butterflied Shrimp $14.00
In a spicy tom yum sweet soy sauce

Fragrant Chicken Curry $12.00
Chicken, mushrooms, asparagus and long beans stewed with kaffir lime, fresh coriander and coconut milk

Warm Rock Shrimp $14.00
Quickly tossed in the wok with shallots, fresh garlic and cuffy leaf

Day Boat Scallops $14.00
Freshly harvested scallops in a black bean sauce with sweet onion and red peppers

Vietnamese Pork Tenderloin $13.00
With snow peas, cherry tomatoes and pineapple in a spicy tamarind sauce

Tangerine Chicken or Beef $12.00
With sesame pancake

Vegetarian Moo Shu $11.00
Served with pancakes and plum sauce

Chinese Eggplant $10.00
Sautéed with scallions in garlic sauce

Prawns Bali Style $14.00
Large shrimp with stir fried vegetables and thai ginger

Curried mixed Vegetables $10.00
Stewed vegetables with fried tofu

Shredded Beef $12.00
With spicy green chiles in a brown sauce


Thai Beef $9.00
Grilled shredded beef and green papaya, pineapple, bean sprouts, cucumbers and mango with lingham chili dressing

Gado Gado $7.00
Traditional Indonesian salad with steamed vegetables, crispy tofu and spicy peanut sauce

Kudeta Mixed Greens $6.00
With citrus and raspberry vinaigrette

Asian Chicken Salad $8.00
Hearts of romaine tossed with cherry tomatoes, honey roasted walnuts, green apple in a sesame citrus dressing

Sushi Appetizers

Tako Su $7.00
Slices of octopus in vinegar sauce

Black Peppered Tuna $13.00
Seared tuna brushed with fresh black pepper, garlic & spicy sauce

Usuzukuri $12.00
Thinly sliced whitefish with scallions, oroshi and punzu sauce

Sushi Platter $13.00
5 pieces of assorted sushi and cucumber make

Sashimi Platter $13.00
7 pieces of assorted sashimi

Kani Salad $5.00
Crab stick and cucumber with Japanese mayo and tobiko

Seafood Suomono $8.00
Variety of seafood in ponzu vinegar sauce

Edamame $5.00
Steamed whole soy beans

Tuna Tartar $9.00
Chopped tuna with scallions and Yuzu sauce

Hamachi Kama $15.00
Yellow tail collar grilled and seasoned with cracked pepper, salt and ponzu sauce

Noodles and Rice

Singapore Rice Noodles with Chicken and Shrimp $11.00
Wok fried noodles with spring vegetables in a light curry sauce

Hok Kien Cha Kue Tiaw $10.00
Sautéed rice noodles with mixed seafood , fresh chilies and soy sauce

Kudeta Fried Rice $8.00
Wok fried with a choice of beef, chicken, pork or shrimp

Kudeta Lo Mein $8.00
Wok fried egg noodles with a choice of beef, chicken, pork or shrimp

Chef’s Signature Rolls

Mount Fuji Roll $8.00
Salmon and avocado with spicy mayonnaise and masago

Rock & Roll $10.00
Shrimp tempura, crab, avocado and masago

Zesty Roll $15.00
Shrimp tempura, avocado and jalapeno peppers wrapped with spicy tuna and toped with masago, served with spicy chili sauce

What a Roll $13.00
Shrimp tempura and avocado, wrapped with crab stick in spicy mayonnaise and topped with masago.

Dragon Roll $12.00
Eel and cucumber wrapped with avocado and topped with masago

Spicy Roll $15.00
Black peppered tuna, avocado and tempura flakes wrapped with a dynamite roll

Jazz Roll $15.00
Spicy tuna, avocado and tempura flakes wrapped with eel and topped with masago

Naruto $10.00
Yellow tail, salmon and tuna wrapped with cucumber

Dynamite Roll $9.00
Chopped tuna, salmon, yellowtail and tempura flakes mixed in spicy mayo with cucumber